What are some examples of mitigation actions?
  • Educating citizens regarding the dangers of extreme heat and cold
  • Elevation of structures in flood-prone areas
  • Erosion and drainage control to reduce flooding
  • Line Maintenance Program to reduce electric service interruptions
  • Mutual aid agreements to reduce response and recovery times
  • Prohibiting development in high-hazard areas
  • Safe rooms
  • Trimming Program to reduce the potential for trees and branches to damage power lines
  • Update construction codes for improved structural stability
  • Water distribution system improvements to access more water in a drought

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1. What is hazard mitigation?
2. Why do we need a hazard mitigation plan?
3. What are some examples of mitigation actions?
4. What is the planning process for hazard mitigation?
5. What are some hazards identified by the City’s Hazard Mitigation Action Planning Team?