How to Participate

Becoming a Housing Choice Landlord

Prospective landlords generally are contacted by Housing Choice Voucher holders who are searching for a place to live. The process of becoming a Housing Choice landlord is outlined in the following:

  • The landlord verifies the family as a valid, current Housing Choice Voucher issued by the Garland Housing Agency (GHA). The landlord screens the prospective tenant using normal screening procedures.
  • The landlord completes the "Request for Tenancy Approval" packet. This provides GHA with preliminary information about the rental unit, including the address of the unit, rent requested, bedroom size, who is responsible for paying each utility, and the date the lease is requested to begin.
  • Both the landlord and prospective tenant should inspect the unit using the Inspection Checklist provided in the Request for Tenancy Approval packet. The checklist will need to be returned to GHA to schedule an inspection.
  • Once the unit passes inspection, the GHA will complete a one year contract with the landlord and tenant. If the unit does not pass the inspection, the landlord is given an opportunity to make the necessary repairs in order for the unit to pass.
  • Finally, once the GHA receives the signed contracts by the tenant, landlord, and Agency Director, the tenant will be cleared to move in. At that time, the GHA will begin making its share of the agreed monthly rent payment directly to the landlord.

For important information and to get a better understanding of the roles and responsibilities of the key partners within the Housing Choice Voucher program please watch the Landlord Briefing Presentation.

If you have any questions or need further information regarding the Housing Choice Voucher program, please contact us.