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1. Where can I get information on an arrest warrant?
2. I filed a Motion and it has been denied by the judge. Can I speak to the judge regarding this matter?
3. I pressed charges on someone, but now I want them dropped. What do I do?
4. Can you tell me what time and date is my Court setting?
5. I have a court date set. Can I come in and pay my ticket before the court date?
6. My deadline has passed to complete, return certificate, or obtain driver's record from the Department of Public Safety for the Driver Safety Course. What do I need to do?
7. Someone was issued a ticket and used my name, how can I get this corrected?
8. Does the Court allow extensions to pay fines?
9. I received a letter from the Department of Public Safety regarding the suspension of my driver's license. How can I get this corrected?
10. I am planning on getting married. Can one of the Municipal Judges perform the services?
11. If I paid my fine and now I want to change the judgment; what should I do?
12. If a family member or friend is held in jail in some other city, on a Class C Garland ticket, can I post a bond or pay the Capias fine at the Municipal Court in Garland?