Construction Meters


Typically used at large construction sites where large volumes of water are needed over an extensive area. Meters attach directly to fire hydrants which are often the only source of water prior to completion of construction. Examples include street construction and highway irrigation projects.

Applying for Service

  • To begin the process of obtaining a construction meter/fire hydrant meter, please visit the Customer Service Department at:
    217 N Fifth Street
    Garland, TX 75040
  • Complete an application for service (customers need to provide the business name as registered with Texas Secretary of State, a DBA as registered with Dallas County, or their personal name).
  • Provide an accurate description of the location where you want the meter to be installed. This should include a street address or the closest intersection. A customer service representative will assist you by identifying the fire hydrant closest to your preferred location.
  • Pay $2,000 deposit at the time you submit the application.

Meter Installation

Please allow 3 to 5 working days for processing of your account and installation of the meter by Garland Water Utilities. To ensure that the meter is installed at the correct location, please attach the blue plastic ribbon, given by Customer Service, on the fire hydrant where you are requesting the meter to be set.

Meter will be installed at the location on your service application and will be chained and locked to the fire hydrant. If meter needs to be moved to a different location, please email  with the company's name, serial number of meter and location of meter, point of contact on site and the new location where the meter is to be set.

Contractor Responsibilities

The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) requires the backflow prevention assembly to be attached to the construction meter at all times. DO NOT REMOVE THE ASSEMBLY FROM THE METER. You must provide stable support and winter weather protection for meter and assembly. Any damage to the meter, device, or fire hydrant will result in additional charges to your bill. To terminate the account, please email with company's name, serial number of meter and location of meter to be picked up.

Meter Reading

Contact Garland Water Department representative Chris Williams by calling 972-205-3244 or by emailing  on the 20th of each month with the current construction meter reading.

To properly read the construction meter, you read the first six digits left to right, do not include the two stationary zeros in the reading. Failure to report readings in a timely manner could result in:

1. The City of Garland estimating your current month's usage resulting in a higher than actual usage water bill for the month

2. the immediate removal of the construction meter

3. the forfeiture of deposit


Failure to remit each month's payment by the due date could result in the immediate removal of the construction meter and forfeiture of the deposit. Fees include:

Fee Type
When to Pay
Paid in advance
 Account Establishment Fee
Charged on 1st bill
 Customer Charge
Charged monthly
 Volume Charge
$6.85 per 1,000 gallons
Charged monthly