Our Supplier

Map of the North Texas Municipal Water District (JPG) Opens in new windowThe City of Garland receives treated water from the North Texas Municipal Water District (NTMWD). NTMWD supplies drinking water to approximately 1.6 million people in 13 member cities and 57 customer cities. Garland is one of the original member cities and one of the largest customers of the water district.

Water Sources

The district draws its supply from five sources. The primary source is Lavon Lake with additional sources that include Jim Chapman Lake, Lake Texoma, Lake Tawakoni, and the East Fork Reuse Project, commonly known as the "Wetlands Project".  Read about the newest supply source currently under construction, Bois d'Arc Lake.

All of these reservoirs are owned by the United States Corps of Engineers which has the full authority to operate, maintain, and release water for flood control. NTMWD has water supply rights granted through permits by the State of Texas for use of the stored water in these reservoirs. View the current reservoir levels on the Texas Water Development Board website.

Meeting Future Demands

The population in NTMWD's service area is expected to more than double by 2070. To continue meeting the treated drinking water needs of the service area, NTMWD has identified numerous strategies and projects to generate additional water supplies. These strategies include using current supplies, connecting to existing supplies, developing new reservoirs, and making use of supplies from conservation and reuse strategies. Read NTMWD's plans for the future to learn more.

To continue meeting the increasing demands on our water supply, NTMWD is constructing the Bois d'Arc Lake, which will provide a total of 123,000 acre-feet per year of future raw water supplies including treatment and distribution to parts of Fannin County. View the 2017 Five-Year State Water Plan.

View a short video from our supplier, the North Texas Municipal Water District about the rates they charge our city for wholesale water.