Warranty Programs

You may have recently received mailings urging you to obtain a warranty plan or other form of coverage for the water/sewer service lines that serve your home (the portion owned by you, from the City’s meter to your home). Such advertisements may suggest that the program is being offered in conjunction with the City. The City of Garland does not sponsor or endorse any such warranty programs.

If you are interested in obtaining such coverage, you should carefully review the coverage being offered, taking into consideration:

  • The actual risk of needing repairs to the service line
  • The expense of coverage (bearing in mind that such plans may rely on automated payment deductions against your bank account, with an automatic yearly renewal or “evergreen” clause (that will keep you obligated to pay unless you actively seek to terminate the coverage)
  • The actual terms of the coverage documents (which may contain substantial exemptions from and limitations on coverage) as opposed to the company’s advertisements
  • The company’s financial viability, that is, will the company be there to pay if you ever make a claim