Behavior Health and Resource Unit

The Behavioral Health and Resource (BHR) Unit is designed to support the Garland Police Department on issues of Mental Health, Homelessness, and Victim's assistance. The unit is staffed with two Mental Health Professionals and a Victim's Specialist.

The BHR Unit is not designed to be a direct contact resource for residents, but as a Garland Police Department (GPD) support unit that will assist police officers who come in contact with individuals in crisis or in need.


The BHR team will serve as a conduit between the Garland Police Department and outside resource services, such as hospitals, mental health services, veterans' affairs, domestic violence assistance, and needs for the homeless. The relationships with outside services is a critical component to bringing resources to those in need.

What they do

  • Victims of violent crime face both physical and emotional trauma. The BHR team will provide support and resources to victims and families of violent crime.
  • Coordinate resources to help victims of domestic violence. 
  • Provide direct support to the Homeless and Mental Health Police Officers.
  • Garland Police Officers often respond to families who are needing support with troubled youth. The BHR team will deliver support for patrol officers responding to these calls by offering parents with resources including counselling and referrals. They will work closely with the Garland Police Boxing Gym to offer mental health and resiliency training to at-risk youth, that will accompany the physical training already provided. 
    • For more information about the Garland Police Boxing Gym check out this video, or contact the program administrator, Dave Swavey, at
  • The BHR team will coordinate efforts for the Safe@Home Program. The purpose of this program is to help first responders identify homes that may have individuals with communications challenges, such as autism, dementia, or other forms of intellectual disabilities. For more information on how to participate in the Safe@Home Program, click here.
  • Coordinators of the Garland Police FAIRE program, designed to target intervention resources to those who are most likely to be victims or suspects in violent crime.
  • The BHR team helps internally promote officer wellness and resiliency by sponsoring training, speakers, and medical wellness activities within the police department for police officers, dispatchers, forensics, jail and other GPD employees. Mental Health and Resiliency of GPD employees is one of our primary goals. 
  • In addition to supplying support to our community, the BHR team will assist in training officers in Crisis Intervention techniques and response to individuals in serious mental health crisis. Each Garland Officer is currently certified in Crisis Intervention Response. 
  • The BHR team will support the GPD Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) team to ensure officer mental wellness after dealing with critical incidents.