Tinsley-Lyles House

Tinsley-Lyles House pictured at Heritage Crossing

HistoryLyles House old

William A. Tinsley built this house in the late 1800’s at Austin and First Streets. The house was purchased by R.H. Lyles in1902.

City Acquisition & First MoveParade in Front of the Tinsley-Lyles House

In the 1970’s Jay Jones purchased the house from the Lyles Family and donated it to the City of Garland. In 1979, the Lyles House was relocated to Heritage Park to reside with the Santa Fe Depot and Pullman Coach Car 582 behind City Hall.

The Tinsley-Lyles House being moved on a semi truck.

Second Move

In 2015, the Tinsley-Lyles House was moved to its current, more prominent location, in Heritage Crossing.

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