Eastern Hills Redevelopment


The City of Garland has initiated a study to determine a general development concept for the former Eastern Hills Country Club (EHCC) site. The process includes a variety of stakeholders and an Advisory Committee. Information provided here will allow interested persons to learn about the status of the site and the study to better enable them to provide input to the discussion.

Currently, the property is zoned Agriculture District (AG), which allows for uses including but not limited to:

  • Agricultural uses (farm, ranch, orchard, riding academy/stable)
  • Public and institutional uses (church, school, day camp)
  • Single-family residents and associated accessory buildings (minimum 2-acre lot; minimum home sizes ranging from 1,100 square feet to 2,300 square feet)
  • Special permit uses
  • See Garland Development Code for additional information

The property is currently under contract, but no development application has been filed with the City and the approval processes that would be required to change zoning have not begun. The City's intent is to use this study to create a general concept that will be beneficial to the property owner, any future developer, residents of the nearby neighborhoods and the City of Garland itself.

Purpose of the Study

The EHCC property represents a significant opportunity for the Garland community. The purpose of the study is to evaluate the redevelopment potential of the land with the goal of creating a general development concept that will satisfy the mutual objectives of the stakeholders listed above. The end product will not be a detailed development plan, but rather a framework that will guide any future developer in preparing such a plan.

Site Description

The property in question is a 178-acre site in the 3000 block of South Country Club Road developed as a golf course/country club in the mid-1950's and operated for approximately 60 years. In 2013, Eastern Hills County Club filed for bankruptcy, and the property was sold in April of 2014.

The site borders the City of Dallas' Lake Ray Hubbard "take area" along the east and is surrounded by single-family residential neighborhoods along the north, west and south. Most of these neighborhoods were develop in the 1960's and 1970's, although there is new development taking place nearby at the present time. The property is characterized by sloping topography, stands of trees and several small ponds. There is currently a single point of access to the property from Country Club Road. Approximately 40 acres of the site lies within a floodplain.

Consultant Team

In January 2015, a consultant team led by Kimley-Horn, Inc. was selected to assist the City in this process. The team also includes Prologue Planning Services LLC and Strategic Community Solutions LLC. The consultant team's role is to gather and analyze background information and input, facilitate the committee's discussions and assist the City and the committee in reaching agreement on the direction for the redevelopment of the property.

Project Schedule & Status

This study is expected to take approximately 6 months, beginning in February 2015. Its three key work phases are:

  • Strategic Assessment. In this phase, the consultant team will gather information about existing conditions, interview key stakeholders and identify a preliminary list of strategic topics that must be addressed by a preferred development concept.
  • Potential Alternative Scenario. One or more alternative concepts for the future use of the site will be developed and the implications evaluated.
  • Preferred Future Alternative Scenario. Based on examination of the alternative(s), a preferred development concept will be created.

The Advisory Committee will meet at the end of each of these phases to make recommendations that will form the basis of the consultant's work in the phase that follows. A Community Open House will be held during the Potential Alternative Scenario phase of work so that any interested person or organization can provide feedback on the alternative(s) being considered for the site. The date for the open house has not yet been set, but will be announced on this website in advance of the event.

The study will conclude with a briefing to the City Council on the preferred Potential Development Scenario. This briefing is expected to be held in August 2015, but the timing will depend on the outcomes of the prior work phases.

Opportunities for Involvement

Persons who would like to be involved in this study have several options for participation. These options have been designed so that individuals and groups can select the choices that work best for them. They include:

  • Providing input by mail to:
    The City of Garland Planning Department
    800 Main Street
    Garland, TX 75040
  • Contacting Will Guerin, Director of Planning, at 972-205-2445
  • Sending an email to Will Guerin

Attending the Community Open House to provide comments and suggestions about the future of this site (date, time and location will be posted on this website once the event has been scheduled; notification can be sent by email to interested persons providing the appropriate address and asking to be included in the email notification list)

Information & Analysis to Date

Information and analysis of the former Eastern Hills Country Club site provides the foundation for discussion of alternatives for its future.