I-Sign Program

About the Program

In an effort to rid the City of Garland of illegal signs, the Code Compliance Department introduced the innovative I-Sign program.

I-Sign started in November 2005 with the purpose of eradicating illegal signs (trash and litter) in the City through a partnership with its citizens. This is a Council endorsed program where non-profit organizations can collect illegally placed signs and turn them in for a “bounty” of 50-cents per sign. This unique abatement program engages citizens in their own neighborhoods and saves the City valuable resources by not dedicating a full time Code Enforcement Officer to collect illegal signs.


Participation in I-Sign is open to all City of Garland non-profit organizations. Participation is simple and new organizations are given free training on how to identify illegally placed signs and the clerical aspects of the program. All “bounty” payments are processed through the City’s Finance Office.

Since its inception, I-Sign participants have collected thousands of illegal signs. Many participants use the “bounty” to fund their neighborhood organizations such as paying for their Neighborhood Crime Watch signage. The City of Garland’s innovative I-Sign program has been very successful due to its engaged citizens and their dedicated efforts in making Garland a clean and beautiful place to live.

Please call the Code Compliance Department at 972-485-6400 for more information.